Get to know Idaho and Northwest area breweries and the people behind them as we explore amazing craft beer.

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Meet the Mafia

It all started innocently with a few beers between friends. Eager to learn more, they set out upon a great beer adventure. Come follow along as we tour amazing breweries, meet dedicated brew masters and owners, and experience unique and delicious craft beer.

Latest Articles and Podcasts

Learn About Barbarian Brewing in Garden City And Downtown Boise Idaho

We had a chance to checkout Barbarian Brewing in May. We finally have the video edited and published on our Youtube channel! Check it out and let us know what you think. We had a bit of a camera malfunction and didn't get our pics of the night but stay tuned in some...

The Mafia Get’s Lost at Lost Grove Brewing

Watch the Bearded Beer Mafia as they explore 4 different beers from on of the newest Breweries in Boise Idaho, Lost Grove Brewing. At some point we may have met our match as glasses get broken, dirty jokes are made and the fun never stops.

Just a Big Teddy Bear at A Picnic

What is better than nice picnic out in the springtime air! Bees are buzzing, dogs are barking, ants are invading! Okay, maybe there are a few better things than a picnic, like Lost Grove’s Teddy Bear Picnic Golden Ale. You can enjoy all the great refreshing crispness...

Don’t Be An Outcast: This Beer Is Dopalicious

Rollin down the street with your window down, you hear the deep bass sound coming from the truck next to you. As you look over, you notice the driver has a long full beard that would make the Vikings jealous, he is wearing a nice shirt with a bright red tie,...

The Dirty Trifecta: Milk, Lemonade, & Fudge

“Milk, milk, lemonade, around the back fudge is…” well, you can Google the rest. This chocolate stout has an interesting twist to say the least. Usually what happens when you put lemon into milk it curdles the milk making one nasty mess, however, the boys down at Lost...

Love or Beer? It’s First Sight

“I think I’m falling for you” you say, sitting across from your date. “I’ve never felt this way before.” She blushes and feel her heart start to flutter. She sits there and admires your long glorious beard and you go on and say, “I’m not sure I believe in fate, but...

The Mafia Finds Their Lost Grove

Opening in October of 2017, Lost Grove Brewing Co. became Boise’s newest and one of its most exciting breweries. Located downtown near Boise State, Lost Grove is shaping up to be a powerhouse on the local brew scene.  With an industrial look that fits perfectly with...

Highland Hollow Brew House – Boise Idaho’s Oldest Brewery

In our first ever Bearded Beer Mafia Podcast we look at Highlands Hollow Brewhouse in Boise, ID. They are the oldest brewery in the Boise area, so what better way to pay homage to the godfather of breweries.

Ginger Wheat By Highlands Hollow

This isn’t your socially awkward cousin with the glorious red beard. The Ginger Wheat is truly a smooth light ale with a ginger zing that will make you want to have another.

Brass Lamp Brown Ale by Highlands Hollow

On the Mafia’s next camping trip, we know what kind of beer we are going to be drinking around the campfire. As the flames flicker in the night sky and the sparks float in amongst the stars, the Bearded Beer Mafia will be enjoying the Brass Lamp Brown Ale...