On the Mafia’s next camping trip, we know what kind of beer we are going to be drinking
around the campfire. As the flames flicker in the night sky and the sparks float in
amongst the stars, the Bearded Beer Mafia will be enjoying the Brass Lamp Brown Ale
from Highlands Hollow!



This very malty brew is a favorite of the Bearded Beer Mafia! From the first sniff of
Brass Lamp, you get hit with a strong roasted caramel sent like a campfire roasted
marshmallow. With rich a deliciously sweet start and a clean finish, you’ll want another
soon. We think this would pair great with a s’more. S’more what you ask? S’more beer!
A great beer to drink on a cold winter day or a crisp fall evening. This brown ale has an
ABV of 4.9% and an IBU of 30. “Dark brown rich ale with a complimentary hop
character. Roasted under tones and a smooth clean finish”.

This smooth creamy brown ale holds just the right amount of sweet roasted goodness.
This is the Sandman and The Educator’s top pick from Highlands Hollow Brewhouse!

For more information visit: www.highlandshollow.com

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