Rollin down the street with your window down, you hear the deep bass sound coming from the truck next to you. As you look over, you notice the driver has a long full beard that would make the Vikings jealous, he is wearing a nice shirt with a bright red tie, sunglasses, and a slick fedora. You hear “As the plot thickens it gives me the dickens. Reminiscent of Charles a lil’ discotheque1” blasting from the speakers. The driver lowers the volume just a bit and says, “This song reminds me of a truly special beer, the SpottieOttie Sour from Lost Grove.”

The clear favorite from Lost Grove of the Mafia, this Sour is a clear stand out. It is a super easy to drink
beer that is not overly sour. A great summertime beer that is very refreshing with light carbonation and
a hint of…what is that? Sour Patch Kids? No, great SpottieOttie goodness.

With a low ABV of 4.1%, this great sour is sure to refresh your senses and help you find your lost grove.
Be sure to stop by and tell them the Bearded Beer Mafia sent you!

  1. Lyrics from SpottieOttieDopalicious by Outkast
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