When talking about a Ginger Wheat, we are not talking about your socially awkward cousin with the glorious red beard or even the new spicy sandwich at the seldom visited vegan restaurant down the street. We are talking about one of Highlands Hollow’s staple on tap beers! This is truly a smooth light ale with a ginger zing that will make you want to have another.



The first flavors that hit your tongue as you sample this delicious ale are, of course Ginger and wheat, however, the ginger stands out a little bit more than the wheat. A great beer that reminds us of a Moscow Mule, or if you took a really light hefeweizen and poured in just a splash of ginger ale. Although it has a strong ginger flavor profile it has a refreshing finish. This beer has an ABV of 4.6% and an IBU of 23.

According to Highlands Hollow’s website, “Half barley and half wheat malt with fresh ground ginger added during the boil. A very light ale with a blast of ginger flavor.” There is certainly a blast of ginger in this refreshingly light wheaty beer. The Ginger wheat is Eric “The Enforcer’s” top pick from Highlands Hollow Brewhouse.

This is a rotating handle at Highlands Hollow so stop by and get it before it’s gone.

For more information visit: www.highlandshollow.com

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