“I think I’m falling for you” you say, sitting across from your date. “I’ve never felt this way before.” She blushes and feel her heart start to flutter. She sits there and admires your long glorious beard and you go on and say, “I’m not sure I believe in fate, but this must be destiny. I loved you at first sight… errr…um… taste!” This is when she realizes that you have been talking about your First Sight IPA at Lost Grove Brewery. She thinks about pouring her beer over your head and walking out, but that would be a waste of a great beer!

This beautiful IPA has a lot of hop flavor without being overly bitter. It has a nice citrus aroma. With a blend of four different types of hops: Summit, Mandorina, Meridian, and Centennial, this IPA is packed with hoppy goodness with a clean crisp finish. After you try this fantastic beer, you will not just like it, you’re gonna love it at… First Sight!

With an ABV of 6.5%, this great IPA has the right citrus notes to your senses and help you find your lost grove. Be sure to stop by and tell them the Bearded Beer Mafia sent you!

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