Meet the Bearded Beer Mafia

Josh "The Hitman"

Josh is a beer connoisseur. He’ll try anything and everything from hard to get barrel aged stouts to Bud Light (don’t judge … better than nothing if that’s the only thing available), and everything in between. He loves the adventure of finding the greatest beers on the planet.

Chad "The Mad Chemist"

Chad is a relative newbie to beer. He’s sampled a few international beers, but usually sticks with wheat beers or Scotch ales. His favorite is “wee heavy”, since they are heavy on the wheat … and booze.

Lee "The Sandman"

Lee loves stouts. He’s dark and sexy and likes dark and sexy. He really hasn’t found too many beer styles he doesn’t like. He been drinking craft beer since he discovered a local tap house in the 90s and has been in love with local craft beer ever since.

Eric "The Educator"

Eric is all about weizenbier (translation: wheat beer). He got is start sipping Blue Moons at his high school reunion, but slowly branched out to other citrusy wheat beers, like Heifeweizen and Dunkelweizen.
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