“Milk, milk, lemonade, around the back fudge is…” well, you can Google the rest. This chocolate stout has an interesting twist to say the least. Usually what happens when you put lemon into milk it curdles the milk making one nasty mess, however, the boys down at Lost Grove have found a way to make a delicious milk chocolate lemonade stout! Keep up the creativity gentlemen! Remember, if you need taste testers, the Mafia will be there in a heartbeat!

Lost Grove Brewer, JT, added lemon zest to the last five minutes of the boil while creating this one of a kind stout beer. This gives the beer just a hint of lemon on the finish. Normally milk and lemon do not mix, however, the subtle lemon taste mixes well with the malty chocolate tunes of this stout.

With an ABV of 6%, this great stout is sure to refresh your senses and help you find your lost grove. Be sure to stop by and tell them the Bearded Beer Mafia sent you!

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